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Computer Service

Central Plains Computer Service has been a provider of computer sales and computer service for over 30 years. Our company is also a local internet service provider, which includes high-speed wireless broadband internet, web hosting, email hosting, web and graphic design services.

Managed Services

Central Plains Computer Service offers a program called Managed Services.

This program allows the monitoring of everything on your network, from hard-drive activity leading to possible system failure to the ink and toner levels of printers. We cover it all.

Networking Services

Central Plains Computer Service has complete networking services for business as well as private homes. Our networking services include complete cable installation, wireless networks, server and firewall configurations.

Managed Services

There are three levels of service


Our Basic program is our entry level program, designed to monitor and report on the critical health status of our customers’ key network devices and applications, such as email application or file server, or their internet connection. There is no proactive element to this program.


Our Proactive program has all the same benefits as our basic and is designed to minimize downtime by providing a real-time response model to the service. When an issue arises on the network, one of our technicians will immediately assess the situation and either remotely remedies the issue or escalate the issue to a field technician who can respond accordingly thus minimizing the effects felt by downtime in your business.


The Premier program is where equipment is owned and maintained by Central Plains Computer Service Inc. and we take total care of our own equipment. It is a lease type program where you do not have to worry about the cost of replacing any equipment that fails.

Program Benefits

Server Monitoring

Network Component Monitoring

Critical Component Monitoring

Security Management

Account Management & Consultation

Email Filtering

Mailbox Size Limitations

Web Hosting

Graphic Design

Optional Benefits

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