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How to Protect Your Company’s Biggest Asset: Join the Data Management Revolution

Discover the Secret to Business Continuity

Today’s leading enterprises are seeking a competitive advantage over industry rivals. But it requires dependable technology to ensure your company’s ongoing development and success. You need:

Top-tier infrastructure with reliable data security and disaster recovery

Storage solutions that come equipped with high scalability and data availability

Sensible cost models and data provisioning that won’t break the bank

Vendor storage services to eliminate data complexities.

StorageCraft understands the importance of sound data protection that helps today’s professionals thrive and excel

Modern technology has delivered profound breakthroughs in IT performance, agility, and protection. Yet, second-rate technology and unforeseen mishaps can equate to a colossal step backwards.

Cybercrime is expected to swell into a
$6 trillion yearly expense by 2021

A stunning 75% of small business are currently without solid disaster recovery platforms

Company downtime is among the leading
economic pitfalls for today’s enterprises

Demand is growing for real-time reporting, monitoring, and data analytics

Minimizing risks has become a critical ingredient to high-stakes business practicing. No longer are global frontrunners overlooking the value of solid data management platforms.

96% of businesses employing disaster
recovery sidestep major catastrophes

Innovative data security technology helps
thwart growing risk of costly breaches

Scale-out storage allows businesses to
evolve with changing trends and needs

Compression, deduplication, and provisioning
flexibility maximize savings

Enter the Realm of Modern Data Management

When it comes to dependable data services, StorageCraft remains a highly-effective option for businesses of all types and sizes

comes equipped with scale-out storage and robust protection across multiple network and devices

offers accelerated recovery, insightful analytics, and SLA-driven management

(Disaster Recovery as a Service) and Cloud Backup provide powerful data security in virtualized environment

A New Era of Affordability and Data Efficiency.
Embrace the Advantages of StorageCraft Solutions.

Expansive data
capacities without application

Enhanced CPU and RAM
resources for rapid performance
of cluster node

Copy data management
significantly reduces cooling
and power expenses

Flexible cost models for
attaining data on an
as-needed basis

Empower Your Business with Data Management Solutions

Acquiring vendor services reduces hassle while ensuring your data remains safe and sound

First-class data management systems introduce businesses to the latest in superior technology

Averting disasters and downtime while
enhancing data efficiency translates to hefty cost savings

Mitigating risks and optimizing data
storage fuels businesses toward a prosperous future