CPCS VoIP Telephones

Add functionality and reduce Cost

VoIP Telephones from CPCS are a great way to add functionality and flexibility to your phone system as well as reduce your monthly phone bill.

Give us a call and ask us how it works and if it fits for your business.

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VoIP Advantages

  • Lower costs
  • Increased accessibility
  • Complete portability
  • Higher scalability
  • Advanced features for small and large teams
  • Clearer voice quality
  • Supports multitasking
  • More flexibility with soft-phones


No more expensive PBX hardware. No more long distance charges. When considering your bottom-line, the switch to VoIP Telephone technology is one of the fastest and easiest ways to lower the cost of doing business.


Accessibility is one of the biggest benefits of VoIP for business today Do business as usual and never miss a call or better yet, call out from your mobile device with your business number keeping your mobile number private.


Scalability is another of the many VoIP advantages that make it an attractive proposition for growing businesses. Given the option, every business owner would prefer a phone system that grows in step with their business.